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AV-Inspec provides the Product Prototype Testing as per the full clauses of IEC/EN/International standard to see if the testing sample meets the safety requirements; Besides of this, we also provide the services of testing for the Key clauses of IEC/EN/International standard to make the particular testing on the sample for particular controling. We detect the non-conformities of the testing sample, our engineer conduct the improvements to the testing sample with the factory engineer together, make sure your sample reach the safety requirements before lot production; We detect the non-conformities of your samples before you sending them to the external laboratory for testing of certification by certification body, cost and time saving for you.

After the testing samples running the lot production, our inspector will conduct the Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) to the lot products, Special instructions (like Non-conformities detected during PPT in our lab) will be provided by our lab testing engineer to our inspector to make the special attention during the product lots inspection.

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