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contruction check in lab

Construction is very important for the Electronic and Electrical products, it can detect the non-conformities of the general electric safety, it can detect the deviations between the lots of product to the certification samples/testing samples.

AV-Inspec provide the service Inspection+Construction check in laboratory(INS+CC), we conduct the Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) then pick up the samples (SAM) to our laboratory then make Construction Check in laboratory (CC); It is a effective way to see if your lot products are same with the testing samples

Below key points but not limited to, are covered by our INS+CC service:

  • Verify the CDF
  • Verify the internal and external wire
  • Resistance to Electric strength test
  • Earth continuity resistance test
  • Verify earth terminal
  • Verify the clearance and creepage distance
  • Verify the marking

Both Pre-Shipment Inspection(PSI) report and Construction Check(CC) report will be issued to customer for this service. Construction Check (CC) report will be issued within 2 working days after Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) completed.

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