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Absolute Veritas Inspection Service in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Absolute Veritas inspects a wide range of products belonging to Fabrics, Sports Equipment, Sportswear, Textiles, Garments, Pharmaceuticals and Food.

Services we provide in Pakistan includes Pre-Shipment Inspection, During Production Inspection, Container Loading Supervision, Factory Audits, Social Compliance Audits, Inspection+

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Reasons to choose us for Product Inspections and Audits in Pakistan

  • Full time Inspectors
  • Comprehensive report with photo
  • No extra charge for inspections on weekends.
  • Inspection report delivered within 24 hours after the inspection; same day report available.
  • All Inclusive price
  • On time Customer Support
  • Offers Online/Live inspections on client request.

AV can arrange a Pre-Shipment Inspection in Asia within 48 hours and release your inspection report and certificate of inspection within less than 24 hours.

About Pakistan

Pakistan Key Numbers
Population220 million (2020)
GDP263 billion USD (2020)
Export 25.25 billion USD (2020)
GDP growth0.5% (2020)

Supplier Location for different products in Pakistan

Sportswear, Sports EquipmentSailkot, Karachi
Garments, TextileFaisalabad, Karachi
Pharmaceuticals Karachi, Lahore

Advantages you may have in Pakistan Manufacturing

Pakistan is a beneficiary of the trading opportunities offered by the EU Generalized Scheme of Preferences (GSP). Enacted in 2014, this scheme has enabled Pakistan to benefit from mostly zero-duty tariff preferences (two-thirds of all product categories), on products being imported to the EU market. Enacted by the European Commission, the GSP scheme was designed to help developing countries alleviate poverty and created jobs based on international values and principles, which include labor and human rights. This has offered an opportunity for Pakistans growth as a manufacturing hub.

  • Signed a lot of free trade agreements with developed countries and territories
  • Low cost and cheaper labor.

Challenges you may face in Pakistan Manufacturing

  • Social compliance
  • Poor quality
  • Power Outages
  • Security

Absolute Veritas Coverage Area in Pakistan

Absolute Veritas, Smart Solutions to Trade Globally

Absolute Veritas is a prominent organisation from the private sector primarily dealing with the Inspection, Testing, Audit and Certification of products.

The first step is to understand the client/customer's enterprise and its direction, the complexities of the business, processes, operations and priorities. This helps us to offer solutions that provide business value and are tailor-made for specific business needs.

We have a team of experts and veterans from private and government sector who work tirelessly to accomplish the task of Inspection, Audit, Testing and Certification of products for our clients.

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Our full time Inspectors and auditors cover 12 Asian Countries.

Bangladesh , China , Hong Kong , India , Nepal , Pakistan , Sri Lanka , Taiwan , Indonesia , Malaysia , Thailand & Veitnam

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The first step is to understand the client/customer's enterprise and its direction, the complexities of the business, processes, operations and priorities.
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