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Absolute Veritas Inspection Service in China

In China, Absolute Veritas inspects a wide range of products belonging to Home Decoration, Furniture, Auto Parts, Batteries, Garments, Footwear, Electrical, Electronics, IT Equipment, Food, Meat and Home Appliances product categories.

Services we provide in China includes Pre-Shipment Inspection, During Production Inspection, Container Loading Supervision, Factory Audits, Social Compliance Audits, Inspection+

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Reasons to choose us for Product Inspections and Audits in China

  • Full time Inspectors
  • Comprehensive report with photo
  • No extra charge for inspections on weekends.
  • Inspection report delivered within 24 hours after the inspection; same day report available.
  • All Inclusive price
  • On time Customer Support
  • Offers Online/Live inspections on client request.

AV can arrange a Pre-Shipment Inspection in Asia within 48 hours and release your inspection report and certificate of inspection within less than 24 hours.

About China

China Key Numbers
Population1.40 billion (2020)
GDP14.72 trillion USD (2020)
Export 2.72 trillion USD (2020)
GDP growth8% (2021)

Supplier Location for different products in China

Automotive industryHuadu, Guangdong
IT, telecommunicationsShenzhen, Guangdong
Electronics, furnitureDongguang, Guangdong
Electro mechanics, lighting, packageZhongshan, Guangdong
Casual clothesShaxi, Guangdong
UnderwearShantou, Guangdong
Kitchen wearXinxing, Guangdong
ToysChenghai, Guangdong
JeansXintang, Guangdong
StonesYuncheng, Guangdong
Women's footwearHuidong, Guangdong
Thermal insulation materialsHejian, Hebei
Furniture accessoriesXianghe, Hebei
Cashmere Qinghe, Hebei
Steel productionBotou, Hebei
ValvesYongnian, Hebei
RubberTaocheng, Hebei
SnacksHuian, Fujiang
Sport leather footwearJinjiang, Fujiang
Children clothingFengli, Fujiang
Classic furnitureXianyou, Fujiang
Metal itemsNanan, Fujiang
Processing of jasperPutian, Fujiang
Fireworks and firecrackersLiuyang, Hunan
Arts and craftsLiling, Hunan
Pharmaceutics, metallurgyTonghua, Jilin
Architectural ceramicsFaku, Liaoning
Magnesium productsDashiqiao, Liaoning
Instruments and metersDandong, Liaoning
Phosphorus, chemistry industryYichang, Hubei
Nonwoven fabricsXiantao, Hubei
Silk and textilesShengze, Jiangsu
ClothesChangshu, Jiangsu
IT  Kunshan, Jiangsu
Optical productsDanyang, Jiangsu
Leather footwearJiangdu, Jiangsu
Wood processingPizhou, Jiangsu
Micro-electronics, solar energyWuxi, Jiangsu
Electro machineryXishan, Jiangsu
Tires and cable, teaYixing, Jiangsu
Equipment for environmental protectionYinxing, Jiangsu
ShipbuildingJingjiang, Jiangsu
Silicone materialsDonghai, Jiangsu
Stainless steelTaiyuan, Shanxi
Forged productsDingxiang, Shanxi
Seafood productsRizhao, Shangdong
Home textilesWendeng, Shangdong
Knitted clothesHaiyang, Shangdong
BearingsLinqing, Shangdong
Textiles equipmentJiaonan, Shangdong
WinePenglai, Shangdong
Transport equipmentZhangqiu, Shangdong
Solar waterheatersDezhou, Shangdong
Mechanical equipmentLinyi, Shangdong
Steel pipesQingcheng, Shangdong
CommoditiesYiwu, Zhejiang
TextilesShaoxing, Zhejiang
Leather products, knitwearHaining, Zhejiang
Fur and leatherChongfu, Zhejiang
Chemical industryXiaoshan, Zhejiang
Hosiery, pearlZhuji, Zhejiang
Metal itemsYongkan, Zhejiang
Casting moldsYuyao, Zhejiang
Optics, mechanics, electronicsPinhu, Zhejiang
ValvesLongwan, Zhejiang
Electrical appliancesLeqing, Zhejiang
Household appliancesCixi, Zhejiang
StationeryNinghai, Zhejiang
Plastic productsWenling, Zhejiang
Bamboo itemsAnji, Zhejiang
Solid waste managementLuqiao, Zhejiang
LightersLucheng, Zhejiang
Plastic, cloth packagingPingyang, Zhejiang
Aluminum products, refractory materialsGongyi, Henan

Advantages you may have in China Manufacturing

Outsourcing manufacturing in China can help your brand level up quicker and grow to new levels. One of the most well-known advantages of manufacturing in China is that it's cheaper than making goods in many other countries. Lower Chinese manufacturing costs translate into better margins and lower prices for the end user. Your brand's gross profit can increase with the lower cost of production

  • Cheaper production cost
  • Faster production
  • International expansion, and service quality

Challenges you may face in China Manufacturing

  • Communication difficulties
  • IP risk
  • High order minimums
  • Complex logistics
  • Quality control issues

Absolute Veritas Coverage Area in China

China map

Absolute Veritas, Smart Solutions to Trade Globally

Absolute Veritas is a prominent organisation from the private sector primarily dealing with the Inspection, Testing, Audit and Certification of products.

The first step is to understand the client/customer's enterprise and its direction, the complexities of the business, processes, operations and priorities. This helps us to offer solutions that provide business value and are tailor-made for specific business needs.

We have a team of experts and veterans from private and government sector who work tirelessly to accomplish the task of Inspection, Audit, Testing and Certification of products for our clients.

Contact us now for more information about quality control or supplier evaluation in Bangladesh.

Our full time Inspectors and auditors cover 12 Asian Countries.

Bangladesh , China , Hong Kong , India , Nepal , Pakistan , Sri Lanka , Taiwan , Indonesia , Malaysia , Thailand & Veitnam

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The first step is to understand the client/customer's enterprise and its direction, the complexities of the business, processes, operations and priorities.
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